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General Guide Lines For Booking & Participating in the Tour :-


  • Neelam Tours & Travels is an agency organizing & operating Tours In India & Abroad, & will be hereinafter referred as "AGENCY "
  • The people who have registered & paid for the Tour will be referred to as " TOURIST " here after.
  • Tour Manager :- The person controlling & Co- ordinating various activities during the course of the Tour with the group as well as designated agencies / suppliers /services providers.

Booking Of Tour :

  • The Tour programme proposed by the AGENCY will be notified in its Website :-
  • Persons interested in the tour can refer to the website Or contact the AGENCY at their Office. Office Address :- A-6 , Gurukrupa Apt , Thangewadi , Syndicate , Murbad Road, Kalyan [ West ] District :- Thane 421301 Maharashtra , India
  • After getting the details & going through the terms & conditions the AGENCY has specified the interested parties can contact the AGENCY for the registration of Name .
  • Tour registration is done by filling the Tour Registration Form either by downloading from the site or procuring form our office.
  • On Receipt of the Tour Registration Form duly filled & Signed & receiving the booking Amount as prescribed the name will be registered. The registration form should be signed by each person Or the person acting on behalf of the Group authorized by each member of the Group.
  • The booking shall be deemed valid only upon the receipt of the duly filled & signed Tour Registration Form with initial payment by the AGENCY. The Booking will be confirmed on receipt of the balance Amount by the AGENCY as per the terms specified.
  • On confirmation an Itinerary with all the details of Day wise Travel , Halting Hotel , Meal Plan , Location & Time For start Etc. , will be given to the Tourist. As this is a group activity the members should Adhere to the Time specified for various activities, as otherwise it will cause inconvenience to other members of the group.
  • A guideline regarding the things to be carried, allowable Luggage in the flight Etc. & place of meeting for the commencement of Tour will be given.
  • On Receipt of all the above the Tourist are to join at the specified place at specified Time where the Agency or their representative will be present for further guidance.

Terms & Conditions :

  • Registration Form :- Signing the registration form either by the individual member or the leader of a specified Group Authorized by all others members means the individual tourist has understood & accepted the terms & Conditions specified by the AGENCY.
  • Confirmation Of Booking :- Once the Booking is Confirmed & if the tourist opts to cancel , or alter the tour the cancellation charges as specified will be applicable to the tourist & remaining amount , if any will be given by A/C payee cheque in Indian Rupees as per RBI Guideline, even though the tourist has paid in any foreign currency.
  • Meeting At Specified Place & Time :- As this is a group activity & depends on schedule of other agency such as Road Transport , Rail Transport, Airlines, Hotels etc. the place & time has to be strictly adhered to & AGENCY will not be responsible for any inconvenience meet by the tourist including missing some places of Tour, transport , or Travel & The Tourist will have to make their own arrangement till they meet the group at any further point or reach the location of commencement of the tour.
  • Change in Tour :- If the tourist wishes to make any alterations in the plan after booking any tour by way of deletion of members , places or services this has to be done with prior written request to the AGENCY & getting their approval in writing. This will cost the tourist an amendment fee of Rs. 500 for each activity with respect to the change & also cost more by way of cost of joining the tour , accommodation etc. & the cost & inconvenience will have to be borne by the Tourist & no concession Or refund will be Entertained by the AGENCY , & is the entire responsibility of the tourist. The amended request can be accepted only at the discretion of the AGENCY , if they can be accommodated by the AGENCY.
  • Services By The Agency :- The AGENCY is organizing the whole programme with Co- ordination with various agencies like Service providers at different points & Transporters etc. and will take utmost care to ensure that the services specified are meet & the Tour is comfortable & hassle free. But in spite of maximum care as we do not have control over these agencies such as Road Transport, Rail transport, Airways , Caterers , Hotels etc. the Tourist has to accommodate with the circumstances. AGENCY will intimate any such change to the tourist from time to time. The AGENCY shall not be responsible for the inconvenience caused by tourist, service deficiency or any damage of property caused by these independent service providers.
  • Special Care :- As this is a group booking the whole group will be treated equally. If any special assistance is required & requested , the AGENCY at the time of booking though the AGENCY cannot ensure the same but will try for it at an extra cost to the tourist concerned.
  • Medical Fitness :- It is assumed that the tourist is aware of the modes of transport , places of visit , places of stay, food pattern , etc. & are medically fit to travel & adapt to the conditions. In case any problem occurs during the tour the AGENCY can only give the possible assistance without causing inconvenience to other tourists & the individual tourist is expected to meet the situation on their own.
  • In case medically unfit person books for the tour without information to the AGENCY , the AGENCY reserves the right to cancel the booking to safe guard the interests of other tourists & the losses due to this cancellation will have to be borne by the person concerned.
  • Guest who have not Booked:- Any guest or relatives or friends cannot avail any of the services with the group as these are paid services booked for the concerned tourist only.

Tour Cost :

  • Tour cost published is subject to booking the tour 90 days in advance of departure dates based on available lowest airfare.
  • The AGENCY quotes for the tour on the basis of the foreign exchange rates applicable on the day of finalization of the tour cost. As the rate variation is beyond control of the AGENCY , the AGENCY reserves the right to alter the tour cost to the extend of the foreign exchange involvement & tourist will have to make payment of the difference in cost before the commencement of the tour.
  • The tour cost does not include government taxes Or any other tax raised by independent contractors like airlines , hike in Visa/ VSF fee etc. which are to be paid by the tourist as per actuals.
  • Cost Of Tours Other Than Originating From Mumbai :- Tour cost is fixed taking in to consideration Mumbai To Mumbai departures. However for convenience if any tourist wishes to board flights airport other than Mumbai He / She shall bare extra charges. Also if the tourist reaches the destination before the group He / She shall pay for the transfers , Hotel stay & meal charges as per actuals.

Reimbursement To The Agency :

  • For any reason if the agency bares any cost on behalf of the Tourist He / She should reimburse the amount to the agency.

Terms Of Payment  :

  • With the tour Registration Form - 25% of total cost.
  • Balance amount 60 days before the commencement date of the tour.
  • No interest shall be payable by the AGENCY.
  • Cheques / DD should be drawn in favour of " Neelam Tours & Travels "
  • Cancellation charges will be as per the rules of different service providers & the duration left for the commencement of the tour.
  • The booking shall be deemed to be valid only upon receipt of duly filled & signed Registration Form & advance payment & confirmed on the receipt of balance amount.

Refund :

  • Refundable amount will be on the basis of the rules of the different services providers & no refund will be entertained on bookings with concessional fares. Booking during Fairs & festival , Special events, Christmas , & New Year Eve. , the refund rules shall be applicable as per the policies of the concerned Agency.
  • No refund will be made for any unutilized or partly utilized Services of any Nature .
  • Any refund due to the tourist on account of cancellation & for changes made in the booking or any other account will take minimum 30 days to process & the refund will be paid by A/C payee cheque in Indian Rupees , at the prevailing rate of exchange even if is the amount is paid in foreign exchange, as per the RBI regulations.
  • No partial refund shall be made for unused rooms, meals & other services.
  • Refundable amount upon cancellation of tour by tourist is as follows :-
  • 50 Days or more prior to the departure of tour 75%
    49 To 35 Days prior to the departure of tour 60%
    34 To 20 Days prior to the departure of tour 30%
    19 Days Or Less prior to the departure of tour Nil
  • We do not carry any independent / additional liability to any client beyond the liability which is reimbursed to us by any Hotel , Airline , Tour Operator Or other concerned agencies. Under all circumstances our liability shall be limited only to the amount received by us in this regard.

Our Liability :

  • We are Travel Agents & Holiday Organizers only and act as Agents for clients on one hand & for operators of various facilities on the other hand in the best interest of the client/s. 
    We do not own any Hotel, do not control or operate any Airline / Railways / any other services. Although we try our best to arrange and recommend the best services, yet we do not hold any responsibility for the performance of all / any of the services provided by service providers or for any dissatisfaction, delay, accidents, injuries, loss of life, property, document/s & baggage/s, flight/rail delays, reservations, transportation, insurance, cancellations, suspensions or any other eventuality / irregularity and also for any consequences arising out of natural calamities, strikes, breakdown of any facility, act of omission and commission. 
    It is understood that the client/s shall not bring, make or raise any action, demand or claim in any respect whatsoever against us, our Employees or Directors or Partners or Proprietor.
  • Agency is not responsible for any damage to person or property / late arrival of baggage or loss of my personal belongings.

Travel Document :

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Photo Identity on Tour

Tourist Responsibility While On Tour :

  • The tourist is solely responsible to get all the required documents like Passport , Confirm Visa , Air Tickets , Insurance , etc. The tourist should ensure that these are collected before the start of the tour. Tourist should also keep certified true copies & photo copies of all the travel & statutory clearance documents such as Passport , Visa , Confirmed Air Tickets , Insurance , including Medical insurance Certificate or any other documents used to confirm the services of the tour.

Loss Of Passport During The Tour :

  • The tourist should take utmost care to ensure that the passport is kept safely. As it is the identity of the individual . loss of passport results in time consuming and costly formalities like filling an FIR , obtaining a landing certificate etc.
  • The tour manager will assist the tourist for these formalities but cannot stay back as he has to accompany the group. The entire expenses on this account will have to be borne by the tourist concerned.

Insurance :

  • Travel insurance cost is not included in the tour cost unless specified Or required by specific consulates for issuance of Visa.
  • In the interest of the clients / tourist we recommend for taking comprehensive travel insurance at their cost covering all risks.

 Transportation Of Luggage :

  • Luggage collecting carrying & transporting is the responsibility of the tourist , No charges will be paid by the agency in these regard. If any tourist engages somebody for this purpose it will be on the tourist own cost. No tips given to anybody will be reimbursed by the AGENCY.

Cancellation Alteration Of Tour :

  • In the event of natural calamities Or unavoidable Circumstances the tour manager has discretionary power to alter the route or cancel the tour.
  • The agency reserves the rights to change / alter / postpone Or cancel any of the tour advertised without assigning any reason. In that case money paid by the tourist will be fully refunded but no compensation will be paid.

Others :

  • All Tours / Services are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Company, Government of India, Reserve Bank of India or such other rules & regulations as may be applicable.
  • If the accommodation is not available in the identified / specified hotel/s for particular Tour due to reasons beyond our control, we shall make our best efforts to shift the client/s to Hotel/s maintaining more or less the same standard. No complaint/s or claim shall be made by the client/s in this respect.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the tour before the date of departure. In such case we shall be liable to refund only the amount paid by the client/s without any interest.
  • Child with extra bed will be treated as an adult.
  • No other service/s will be provided which are not mentioned in the voucher/s issued by us.
  • Any amendment made after the booking shall be treated as booking cancelled and re-booked.
  • Rates are subject to change without any notice.
  • While all efforts are made to ensure availability / accuracy of the information through our communications or through our Booklet/s, Brochures etc., we accept no responsibility / liability for any errors or omissions.
  • Rate of Exchange will be applicable as per prevailing rate.

Medicines :

  • Sufficient quantity of medicines are to kept for the tour period. All the medicines carrying should have valid prescription from doctor with seal & Registration No, as otherwise during security check the security person may not allow to carry the medicine.

Important Note :

  • All Customers / Guests are hereby requested to read all the conditions carefully, as they shall be bound by them.

The Contract :

  • Neelam Tours and Travels acts only as booking agents for the various hotels, Travel Agents & Tourism Departments.
  • When a Booking is made by you, and accepted by us, it constitutes a contract between you and Neelam Tours and Travels.
  • All the booking are made on the basis that you accept these terms and conditions.
  • We are only organizers of the tour and travel and do not have direct control on various services such as railways, buses, airlines, hotels etc.
  • We do not own any Hotel or transport and have no direct control on any facility or services mentioned.
  • We take utmost care in selecting various factors and services for your tour.
  • As we are only selecting the services and do not have any control on running them, we cannot be held responsible for any injury, death, loss, damage or deficiency, during the tour which is caused by any or Force majeure, or the act of management or employer of any independent contractor arising outside our normal selection and inspection process.
  • The contract and disputes, if any will be subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai court only.

Booking and Payments :

  • A non-refundable, interest free deposit of Rs. 1000/- per person is to be sent with the request for booking after finalizing the package.
  • The booking is preferably to be done 90 days prior to the date of journey for facilitating ticketing for the train or for availing apex fair facility for Air as far as possible.
  • As soon as the booking is ready from our end, full payment is to be made where the deposit paid will be adjusted towards the final payment.
  • Confirmation invoice will be processed and sent only after receipt of complete payment.

Confirmation :

  • After receiving your payment for the tour and checking the availability of various services we will issue a confirmation invoice.
  • It is the responsibility of the tourist to check the confirmation invoice carefully and inform us if there are any discrepancies or errors.
  • The confirmation invoice will indicate your package cost, services that have been confirmed at the time of issue of the invoice.

Validity and Price :

  • Itineraries, resorts, hotels & prices whenever quoted, are subject to change any time without prior notice.
  • Any increase in airway or railway fare prior to the date of travel or change in exchange rates will be at the cost of the tourist only.

Accommodation :

  • All tour itineraries, hotels, and package plans are finalized to get maximum advantage for the tourist and on mutually agreeable terms.
  • It may some times be necessary due to unavoidable circumstances to change the hotel, accommodation etc, from the agreed plan to other hotels, accommodation of equal ratings and the same will be informed to you well in advance.

Disclaimer :

  • Neelam Tours & Travels shall not accept any liability or responsibility for any damages, loss, injury, death, delay, breakdown, or due to any Force majoure, which may occur during the tours.
  • In the events of the tourist falling ill or suffering from any accident during the journey all hospital expenses and any other changes incurred as a direct or indirect result of the illness / accident are the responsibility of the tourist and to be met by the tourist.
  • The management reserves the right to claim any additional expenses met by the management due to the occurrence and must be borne by the tourist.

Cancellation :

  • All cancellations should be sent in writing duly signed by the Tourist who has made the booking.
  • Any loss caused by cancellation will be solely borne by the customer.
  • In the event of cancellation of a tour after booking , the following expenses are to be borne by the persons :