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Tour Cost

We believe in a transparent Business policy. You can always make this sure by simply verifying our proposal along with other necessary costs, which are normally neglected. This will always be helpful for you to decide upon your estimated expenditure during the tour.

Your tour cost depends on the following essential parameters :

  • Period of Tour : Whether the tour is scheduled during peak season or Off-season for the specific location.
  • Mode of Traveling : This involves the mode of traveling opted (By Air / By Railway / any Other) and also the grade or class in which you wish to travel.
  • Duration of Tour : This involves the number of days and / or nights for which you will enjoy your holidays.
  • Number of Individuals joining the Tour : The cost also depends on the number of persons traveling keeping in mind their age group (Adult, Child, Infant).
  • Type of Hotel accommodation : Whether you opt for a Budget / Deluxe / Premium type of accommodation.
  • Number and Type of Hotel Rooms essential :You have options of selecting the type of hotel rooms (Air-conditioned or A/C / Non-Air- conditioned or Non-A/C) after you decide upon the number of rooms you wish to reserve.
  • Any specific Hotel Packages opted : Selecting the type of Hotel plans / packages being promoted. It could either be
    • EP - European Plan which includes only accommodation
    • CP - Continental Plan which includes breakfast along with accommodation
    • MAP - Modified American Plan which includes breakfast, either lunch or dinner along with accommodation
    • AP - American Plan which includes breakfast, both lunch and dinner along with accommodation.
  • Pickup and Drop facility to and from the hotel : Availing this facility will incur additional cost.
  • Sight seeing using private vehicles / 2x2 buses : You can reserve a private vehicle or seating in a bus just for site seeing.
  • Local commutation using private vehicle : You can also reserve a private vehicle during your entire stay at the destination. This cost also depends on the facilities you opt for in the vehicle. (e.g.: A/C or Non-A/C)
  • Cost of Food incurred per day : This defines the cost you will have to incur each day on regular snacks and meals.
  • All types of governing taxes applicable : In any of the above- mentioned facilities, you will be liable to pay taxes and levies as applicable (e.g.: Luxury tax, Service tax, etc)
  • Miscellaneous expenses : This includes cost incurred for Laundry, entrance fees for viewing the site as applicable, Vehicle parking charges, camera accessories, etc.
  • Additional services : if any.